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We believe an effective preschool provides a holistic education; educating the whole child through Personalized Learning and Intentional Teaching that is Developmentally Appropriate.

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Healthy Hearts: Social/Emotional Growth


“Social Emotional development is the foundation of children’s cognitive development and life-long learning. Social Emotional Growth becomes the foundation for helping children understand themselves, form positive constructive social relationships, and relate to the larger world.” This is achieved through an attachment relationship where children have trust in the adults responsible for their care.  The security of the relationship allows them to build confidence and trust, experience cognitive development, and develop both empathy and self-awareness.


Healthy Minds: Academically Rich Environment

Healthy Minds

Environments rich with print, language, storytelling, books, technology and writing materials allow children to experience the joy and power associated with reading, writing and math, while mastering basic concepts about print.  The environment is respectful and supportive of children’s cultural heritages and home languages.   The abilities to listen, speak, read, and write emerge interdependently in environments designed to meet each child’s unique skills, abilities, interests and needs.


Healthy Bodies: Healthy Food – Physical Activity

Healthy-BodiesIt is important to recognize that children’s physical development and their health and safety are on the same level of importance in our program as all other areas of development.  Children develop skills necessary for future social and academic success as they explore, combine, and refine their physical movements.   Thoughtfully planned movement experiences with vigorous outdoor and indoor activities are a core part of our program.  Children in our care deserve environments that are safe and encourage healthy living.   As part of our program, we model healthy living practices and teach the importance of good hygiene, a healthy diet, and the need for exercise and rest.


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