Our Mission

is to offer every student an exceptional personalized and developmentally appropriate education which fosters social/emotional, intellectual, and physical growth while providing a foundation for a life-long love of learning.


Our Philosophy

We believe in a holistic education; educating the whole child through Personalized Learning and Intentional Teaching that is Developmentally Appropriate.


Personalized Learning

Personalized LearningEach child is at the center of the curriculum and teaching strategies.  It recognizes the need for children to be active participants in their learning through hands-on creative exploration and investigation.  It connects with formal instruction through intentional teaching.

Intentional and responsive teaching through play are critically important for students’ achievement in life and in school.  This kind of learning environment, based on a socio-cultural approach, helps develop the whole child.  This includes, physical, cognitive and social-emotional skills.   In a play-based environment, children go through social and emotional training which helps them develop their cognitive, mental thought, conflict resolution, problem solving, and self-control skills.

The starting point of personalized learning is a pedagogy that embeds open-ended play experiences that provide real and rich opportunities to develop social/emotional, academic, and executive functioning skills in all children. Creative and open-ended learning centers are an integral and essential element of an authentic play-based curriculum. Through our planning we scaffold, making the links to curriculum areas, skills, literacy, and numeracy.

Intentional Teaching


means that our educators have purpose, with specific goals and learning in mind for each child.  This begins with the foundation of all human relationships—trust.  The relationship between teacher and child is the secret to motivation and provides the teacher with the insight to direct a child’s natural curiosity toward educational goals. 

Developmentally Appropriate

block-play-1-1436165is the core of our curriculum.  Your child’s brain is learning faster than it will for the rest of their life, but not in the same way adults learn.  Children learn through play, and our curriculum was created to be academically rich within the context of your child’s natural mode of learning.

Developmentally appropriate practice means that:

• We will meet children where they are at, taking into account their individual physical, emotional, social, and cognitive developmental characteristics.

• We will identify goals for children that are both challenging and achievable – helping children stretch themselves without trying to make impossible leaps.

• We recognize that what makes something challenging and achievable will vary, depending on a child’s individual development, experiences, knowledge, skills, and the context within which the learning is taking place.




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