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Establishing Routines for Effective Potty Training

Most children are ready to potty–train by 24 months.  A good clue to readiness for potty-training is a dry diaper after a long nap or after a night of sleep.  If the child can naturally hold the urge to urinate over these time periods, then he is ready. Your child can help pick out the potty-chair or the adaptive seat for the regular toilet.  You will need a step stool for the regular toilet and another step stool for the sink.

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5 Characteristics of Highly Effective Preschool Programs

Preschool is expensive, but it’s also a major investment in your child.  The thought of sending your little one to preschool may also be the source of a lot of anxiety.  Maybe it will be the first time your child will be spending their day with someone besides you and your family.  Choosing a preschool can be a daunting task. You want your child to enjoy their first school experience, and to give them a jumpstart for their elementary school years. Then there are the worries of how they will adjust, and of course, are they safe?  Decades of research have shown preschool has a lifelong impact on children, but the most important factor determining the effectiveness of a preschool is the quality of the program.

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