Family Engagement

family-1003817_1920We value and encourage family engagement. Families are their children’s first teachers and they have a powerful effect on their young children’s development. Family engagement during the first years of life can support a preschool child’s readiness for school, as well as their ongoing academic and lifelong success. Research shows that when children have involved parents, the results are very positive, especially over the long term (A New Wave of Evidence, 2002).

 Families are welcome to be involved in the following ways such as:

  • We invite family members to share special talents (e.g., play an instrument, lead a cooking activity, sing, and make a craft).

  • We give family members jobs in the preschool routine (classroom helper, guest reader, party planner, activity-preparation helper).

  • We invite family members to visit classrooms at any time.

  • We ask family members to contribute materials for activities (empty food containers for use in center activities, used clothing items for use in dramatic play area).

  • We invite family members to be guest speakers about certain topics (e.g., a firefighter talking to children about the job).

  • We invite family members to share aspects of their culture.

  • We encourage families to share suggestions or concerns with us.

Our preschool program is family centered and designed to build on a parent’s role as the principle influence in a child’s development.  Parents are an essential part of our program.

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