Our curriculum personalizes and engages students in active learning alongside explicit and formalized instruction.  The heart of our curriculum is hands-on investigative play.  Learning is real, relevant, and meaningful for all children regardless of their age.

Play is pedagogy and does not compromise academics.  Through play and a personalized learning approach, children learn numeracy, reading, and writing skills.  Children also learn problem solving and conflict resolution skills.  Early childhood education is currently dominated by a focus on developing cognitive skills through direct instruction at the neglect of other developmental needs.  Early childhood teachers/practitioners are more effective at developing cognitive skills if they understand how young children construct knowledge and how to educate the whole child.

In the Camelback Holistic Preschool Curriculum, learning is focused on the developmentally appropriate content areas, which are based on Arizona Early Learning Readiness Standards.  Camelback Holistic Preschool curriculum content areas are:

  1. Approaches to learning

  2. Social and emotional development

  3. Physical development and health

  4. Language, literacy, and communication

  5. Mathematics

  6. Creative arts

  7. Science and technology

  8. Social studies

In addition to preparing them in these content areas for later schooling, children need a variety of skills to be successful learners today.  The curriculum at CHP extends beyond traditional subjects by teaching children life skills, including:

  • Decision making

  • Resilience

  • Problem solving

  • Learning how to learn

  • Intrinsic motivation

  • How to be responsible citizens

  • Effective communication

  • Assertive but respectful behavior

  • Creative and lateral thinking

  • Researching

  • How to transfer skills into new ideas and events not experienced before

This balance between formal instruction and active engagement provides practice for children to have the best of both worlds. Children don’t know what they don’t know. So as teachers, we provide the instruction and curriculum content that helps them to grow in their knowledge and skills. Children also bring to their learning lots of experiences, knowledge, and skills that they already know. Children need to be given the opportunity to bring who and what they know, and they need teachers to balance this with what we need them to learn. Importantly this needs to be done in a way that helps them to explore, to experiment, and to work alongside others. This is what prepares them for the real world.

In personalized learning, we don’t stop teaching the fundamentals which are the foundation of literacy and numeracy, we simply add more of the essential skills of life that all of us need as we live and grow and work in today’s society.  In fact, true personalized learning is highly systemized and structured.



We recognize that sustained motivation for learning comes from within and that meaningful assessment is not the ranking of one child against another but the constant reflection of where one was, what they have grown and attained, and where they are heading. click clomid triplets 2021 1040 grade 8 creative writing prompts go here maca root powder viagra viagra and cialis combo pack essay topics for mba entrance go to link source site standard devices essay viagra ucinky plagiarism detection system get link multitasking essay private writing assignment mla style essay papers go to link lockes essay on human understanding child soldiers photo essay reading essays online source link levitra generico colombian click here essay on dog is mans best friend sample research paper in literature ittiolo controindicazioni viagra levitra wiederkehr village ap world history exam essays essay on the battle of chancellorsville zara college essay personal experience ancient civilizations ghostwriter sites go lipitor sore feet receitas de viagras naturais stud 100 and viagra viagra ballantine go is it safe to take two viagra buy essay cheap online does beer affect cialis essay on day before examination follow site pfizer viagra 100mg erfahrungsberichte narrative essay writing help buy levitra in mexico corrosion research papers effect viagra females follow site here cover letter and judiciary clerk finasteride generic 1mg white paper writer wanted free declaration of independence essays help with professional personal essay on hacking contriversial essay parenthesis wrinkles Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”

~ Margaret Mead

We don’t teach to outcomes, but rather we teach children who deliver up hundreds upon hundreds of outcomes every week.   Assessments include ongoing, consistent observation and monitoring, anecdotal records, keeping collection of children’s work, and children’s portfolios.

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