My 3 year old has been going here for a few months now and he LOVES it. The first day I dropped him off he cried crocodile tears, and when I picked him up that same day he said to me, “Mama, you need to go back to work, I am playing with my friends”. His first day drop off, was his first and last set of tears since joining CHP. I truly believe my family hit a goldmine and we won the preschool lottery when we enrolled our 3 year old here. This is an extra ordinary place. It’s not just a daycare. Miss Emma and her staff truly love what they do, and just after a short period of time of your child attending CHP, you will start to notice improvements with not only your child’s vocabulary but also his/her childhood education social skills. These are trained caregivers who love children and love what they do, and it shows. This is an environment that builds creativity, I recall seen some magnifying glasses in my son’s classroom and a collection of bugs solidified in resin, which the children all got to experiment with. The children also studied the human skeleton through an x-ray reader, and made their own skeleton in arts and crafts. The staff that work at CHP are committed to this center. The children that attend this preschool are CHALLENGED DAILY. My son sings songs from start to finish that we have not introduced to him as of yet. Art is a HUGE part of their daily curriculum. It is exceptionally clean (Miss Emma keeps a hand washing log for each child before every meal is served), it is professional, and friendly. Even the parents of the preschoolers that attend CHP are wonderful. They truly are a great group of people that work here. I will let you know, that my son has attended various preschools/daycares in the three years of his life, and this one is by FAR the BEST preschool EVER! He has not gotten sick since starting CHP, and he does NOT have a snotty runny nose at the end of day when I pick him up in the evening. Miss Emma and Mr. Terence take pride in their preschool and boy does it show. From the moment you walk through the door you will see signs of an organized, and well-thought-out day. This is a high-quality center filled with a sense of engagement. You are going to find a caring, stimulating environment with happy kids. My only regret, is that I didn’t find CHP sooner. This is NOT a daycare, it a preschool. I look forward to reading the weekly newsletters of what my son has been up too. I love during school, and the after hour’s activities that we have attended so far. My son, still talks about the winter garden that we planted in October, and the family potluck that took place on a Saturday afternoon was a neat little way of meeting the other family’s that my child spends the duration of his day with. I am looking forward to the gingerbread house making activity that they have planned for the little ones and the nativity play for the upcoming holiday. Another point I would like to to address is safety safety safety, this is a no brainer. Great daycare centers, like CHP, go above and beyond to ensure your child safety. CHP includes video monitoring, gated key code entry to the grounds, childproofing, food safety practices, and a well-kept and maintained play space with constant supervision. Good childcare is hard to find, so if you are reading this review, look no further and jump on the decision to enroll your prize possessions here. You will NOT regret it.

Camelback Holistic Preschool Phoenix AZ
Quinn L."a caring, stimulating environment"

We are SO HAPPY with Camelback Holistic Preschool! We happened upon this school when looking for a new school for our daughter and it surpasses all of our needs! We went on a tour and immediately fell in love. Emma and Terence spent over an hour with us. They played with our daughter, walked us through their daily schedule and curriculum, and showed us the beautiful play area and organic garden. We immediately signed her up. The hands on environment, one-on-one attention, and play-learning is exactly what we were looking for and our daughter is thriving and learning! Within two weeks, our daughter is already surpassing our expectations and we can already see how much she’s learning and growing. Emma’s specific attention and passion for each child’s needs is wonderful and very appreciated. The grounds are very secure with a key code to get in the gates and the doors are always locked to keep everyone safe. We are so happy with this school!

Camelback Holistic Preschool Phoenix AZ
Julia L."surpassing our expectations"

I have looked into many schools and daycare’s to put my daughter into, and time after time was disappointed. This school has been the only one so far that not only meets my expectations for care for my 3 year old daughter, but far surpasses them. It is at a church that is completely gated in, but not affiliated with the church. The grounds feel very safe and secure and the classrooms are adorable and set up perfectly for children. It is always kept clean and neat. The children are fed healthy organic meals that are cooked on site in the kitchen and served to them in a family style setting in the classroom. My daughter has a newfound love for hummus and eats both lunch and snacks, to complete satiety, on a daily basis. Her teacher is an absolute delight to work with and Kennedy looks forward to seeing her everyday. The school is very new so there are not very many in her class which means the children get 1 on 1 attention almost always. My favorite thing besides the teachers and organic food is that they take the children outside to the garden and playground daily and teach them to water and harvest fruits and vegetables, which is a skill that I believe everyone should learn. I never thought Id find a place that I trusted to leave my daughter at from 8am-6pm while I’m at work but I trust them completely and am elated that we found such a great home away from home for her to learn and grow on a daily basis.

Camelback Holistic Preschool Phoenix AZ
Brittany K."I trust them completely"

We couldn’t be happier with Camelback Holistic Preschool and wish it continued past preschool! The school has been such a blessing to us, as we moved to Phoenix (from Oklahoma City) at the end of December 2017. We were hoping to find a nurturing school home for our daughter and truly wanted a place that focused both on academics and a holistic, hands-on learning approach. In addition, my mom has been a preschool director for over 30-years and has set the educational bar high, so we knew the questions to ask when looking for a new school.

Upon our first tour, my daughter and I knew this was the right spot for her Spring semester. The class sizes are small, and the teachers are extremely nurturing; Emma Fominaya is an excellent director and teacher, and she truly prepares the kids for Kindergarten and beyond. Both Emma & her husband, Terence, have poured their hearts, time, and hard work into building a school of high integrity.

Their food program is excellent, as they serve fresh, organic breakfasts and lunches to the kids. They also incorporate the outside garden into the meals and include planting days with the preschool families. We have had many opportunities to become a part of a supportive school community, and we have enjoyed getting to know the Fominayas and other preschool parents.

The before and after care is also extremely helpful, our daughter always insists on staying until 6:00pm–she absolutely loves her time at school and her teachers. The schedule also goes year-round and doesn’t follow breaks, which is helpful/important for working parents. We also enjoy the consistency and the flexibility to map out attendance days, as we do a M/W/F schedule.

Overall, this school is worth every penny and an amazing place; we are so thankful we found Camelback Holistic…now if we can just talk them into offering Kindergarten, we never want to leave!

Camelback Holistic Preschool Phoenix AZ
Jennifer M."we couldn’t be happier"

We are so lucky we found this preschool! From our first meeting with Emma and Terence, we could see how excited and passionate they are about what they do. They provide a structured educational program that incorporates imaginative and outdoor play — and I would argue that their facilities are the icing on the cake.
It is a large lot on church property right off 32nd street. It serves as a quiet retreat from the busy city environment, with lots of room to roam outside in fenced-in, shady areas during play time (truly comforting to rural midwestern parents). The facilities also have a passcode-locked gate and locked doors. Even if it didn’t have a gate, I wouldn’t have any concerns because the church is located in a sleepy old neighborhood — another big plus.

The indoor learning environment is small, home-like, VERY clean, and full of learning materials. It’s also fantastic that they provide healthy, fresh meals and snacks throughout the day (breakfast is a big plus with a sleepy/grumpy kid).

Emma and Terence truly care about these children and their learning environment, and are continuously dreaming up ways they can improve and expand their program to better serve the kids.

Our daughter is excited to arrive in the mornings, and is never excited to leave in the evenings! It’s safe to say she loves it.

Camelback Holistic Preschool Phoenix AZ
Kate K."it’s safe to say she loves it"

We enrolled our older son at CHP last year and we are more than happy with the school. In only a few months our son learned the alphabet, sound recognition and even started to read. Now we are confident that he is well-prepared and ready for kindergarten later this year. Besides all the friendly teachers and staff, they also have a chef who prepares the kids’ meals daily. Everything is healthy and cooked from scratch. They not only teach the children the importance of academics but also the importance of good health and social skills. We highly recommend this school and cannot wait until we enroll our younger son there.

Camelback Holistic Preschool Phoenix AZ
Youliana S."we highly recommend this school"